Jumpstart your creative project and bring it to life in 2024.

Do you have a creative idea that you've been itching to bring into the world? Don't let another year go by without making it happen! Join Gabriella Goddard, author of "Gulp!", on this 12-month experience with one mission - to transform your dream into reality.


Feel the thrill of finally making your big idea happen!

Are you a writer, artist, or business professional with an amazing idea bubbling up inside of you? Do you find yourself struggling to make progress and constantly hitting roadblocks? Would you love to break free from all this resistance and finally unleash your creative idea into the world over the next 12-months?


What's holding you back today?

01. Lack of Clarity

You have the beginnings of a vision or dream but you feel unclear and uncertain about how to translate it into a concrete plan?.

02. Fear of failure

You hold back from taking action because you doubt your abilities and worry about whether your idea will even be successful.

03. Procrastination

You struggle to find time to work on your creative idea and feel overwhelmed by all the tasks involved in launching it.

Now, just imagine…

Your Idea Is Live

Whether it's a book draft, an exhibition, or the blueprint of a business concept, it's no longer just an idea - it's something you can see, touch, and be proud of.

You're Confident

You are no longer held back by your inner critic or fear of failure; instead, you find joy in the creative process and make consistent progress.

You Inspire Others

Once just a dream in your mind, your creative idea is now flourishing out there in the world, impacting and inspiring those around you - and beyond.

This is all within reach! Keep reading...

If not now...when?

The veil of confusion gently falls away,
Like the dank mist on a dull winter's day.
Revealing the path that lies there before me,
To step forward or not, what will it be?

AUTHOR, "GULP! : The 7-Day Crash Course to Master Fear and Break Through Any Challenge."


Gulp! & Go

As the creator of the brainsparker app, Gabriella knows what it takes to turn a big idea into reality - a compelling vision, growth mindset, strategy and plan, and weekly focused action. That's why we've created Gulp! & Go, a 12-month transformative experience for someone like you who is ready to take action, do the work, and finally bring your creative idea to life.




90-Minute Masterclass

Jumpstart your journey with Gabriella’s online video masterclass. She'll coach you through crystallizing your vision, identifying the blocks that hold you back, and shaping your Masterplan. Then you'll turn this into action strategies that will help you continuously towards your vision.


Quarterly Accountability

Stay on track and keep the momentum going. Over the next 12-months you'll be invited to join four quarterly group accountability group via Zoom. We'll check in with your achievements, explore any blocks holding you back, and clarify your next steps. You'll be surrounded by fellow creatives on a similar journey helping you stay true to your dream.


Gulp! Book

You'll also get your own copy of¬†Gabriella‚Äôs book ‚ÄúGulp!: The 7-day Crash Course to Master Fear and Break Through Any Challenge‚ÄĚ to download on your Kindle or eReader. It's jam packed with tips, tools, and advice that you can dive¬†into whenever you feel low and need a burst of motivation.

What can you expect?

Clarity and Focus

Shape a crystal clear vision that aligns with your goals, and create an inspiring plan that you can commit to and put into action.

Sustained Momentum

Make significant progress on your big idea throughout the year with regular check-ins and peer support in the group accountability sessions.

Feeling Joyful

Experience the satisfaction of seeing your idea take shape, celebrating every small win, and building your confidence and self-belief.

Work At Your
Own Pace

Quarterly Accountability

Practical Tips, Tools, & Templates

12-Month's Unlimited Access



Monthly Motivators

Every month, we'll send you a motivational email with coaching questions and tips from "Gulp!", to help you stay on track with your Masterplan.


Audio Recording

Listen to Gabriella's short audiobook on ‚ÄúSay Goodbye to Fear Forever‚ÄĚ where she shares her five-step plan for mastering your fears and overcoming doubts.


Wisdom Words

Have¬†250 random Gulp! ‚Äúwisdom words‚ÄĚ prompts at your fingertips to quickly shift your mindset, re-align your actions, and ignite a stream of fresh, innovative ideas.


Giving Back

When you join Gulp! & Go you will be providing a kindergarten teacher in Ghana with 1-day of training to learn how to transform their classroom into a stimulating and colorful learning environment, where learning is play-based and child-centered.

What makes "Gulp! & Go" different?

Gulp! & Go is a unique blend of practical guidance and personal growth strategies, all spearheaded by Gabriella Goddard's 20 years of coaching expertise. It's a transformative journey that includes video lessons, quarterly accountability sessions, and the motivational "Gulp!" book as a companion. You'll have the tools, community support, and inspiration you need to finally bring your creative idea into the world.


How It Works

01. Step One

When you join Gulp! & Go, you'll get instant access to Gabriella's Masterclass videos to start creating your vision, shifting your mindset, and shaping your Masterplan.

02. Step Two

Dive deeper into your fears, beliefs, and mindset blocks are holding you back. Read the "Gulp!" book and discover new strategies and techniques to enhance your success.

03. Step Three

Stay on track and keep the momentum going as you propel your idea forward. Attend quarterly group accountability sessions and receive monthly motivation emails. 



Take the first step today

"Connect to your core, and you'll find strength.
Act from your core, and you'll move mountains."





  • 90-Minute Masterclass Online Course
  • Quarterly Group Accountability Sessions
  • Digital Copy of Gulp!
  • Templates & Toolkits
  • Monthly Motivational Emails (bonus)
  • Audio of "Say Goodbye to Fear" (bonus)
  • 250 Wisdom Words Cheat Sheet (bonus)
  • Unlimited Access for 12-months
  • Support 1-Day of Teacher Training in¬†Ghana
JUST $97


Hi! I’m Gabriella, your coach on this creative journey.

As the Founder and Creator of the brainsparker app, I know what it takes to turn a creative idea into a reality. It's not always easy. There's self-doubt, procrastination, external barriers, and lots of unknowns. Blind faith and belief in your creative idea helps, but having a plan and taking committed action is what gets it over the finish line.

Seeing your idea take form and come to life out in the world is an amazing feeling. We've specifically designed Gulp! & Go to provide the structure, support, and strategies you need to turn your vision into a vibrant reality.

You're in safe hands.

Writing a book was always my childhood dream, but it took a cancer scare to kickstart me into action. I want Gulp! & Go to be that catalyst for you. Plus I bring 20+ years of coaching people from all walks of life to defy their demons and step up into the next level of their potential. Originally from New Zealand, I'm now based in London, UK, where I run brainsparker app and our global academy with the help of an awesome team and Chico, my trusty assistant.

‚ÄúI‚Äôve picked several strategies that are helping me move forward ‚Äď finally!‚ÄĚ

"Trying to make progress on a creative project? Could you use some new ideas and perhaps a new approach? That‚Äôs why I signed up for ‚ÄúGulp! and Go‚ÄĚ and I was not disappointed. What I appreciated most was the wide variety of success strategies. Gabriella shared creative techniques from the diverse disciplines of marketing, coaching, design thinking, mindfulness, and productivity. I‚Äôve picked several that are helping me move forward ‚Äď finally! And I‚Äôm very happy about that."


By the end of the Gulp! & Go, you'll be able to:


Take Focused Action

Transform your creative idea into a structured, actionable project with clear milestones.


Be More Confident

Master techniques to overcome internal barriers, enhancing your creative confidence and resilience.


Feel The Joy!

Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment as you move forward with your project, get results and celebrate the wins.



Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions?

Email us at [email protected]

"From 'no thing', movement arises naturally.
From inaction, comes action.
From emptiness, comes shape and form.
And from stillness, comes energy and flow."




  • 90-Minute Masterclass Online Course
  • Quarterly Group Accountability Sessions
  • Digital Copy of Gulp!
  • Templates & Toolkits
  • Monthly Motivational Emails (bonus)
  • Audio of "Say Goodbye to Fear" (bonus)
  • 250 Wisdom Words Cheat Sheet (bonus)
  • Unlimited Access for 12-months
JUST $97